5 reasons why you should automate your business


Automation is the key to business growth. Not only it creates value both for the company and their customer, but it is also nowadays unavoidable for businesses wanting to survive in ever more competitive markets. 

Michael Gerber, author of Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About it observes that the numbers of small business owners that fail more often than not share some characteristics in common. "Stop working in your business, start working on your business", he says.

Focus on producing value

Automating will give more free time to focus on the tasks you are best at, that create value for your customers.  Automation of daily routines means the focus can be shifted to strategic forward planning and even further innovation to improve your business.

Save money

Staff time is costly, especially if they are doing something a computer can do faster at a fraction of the price.

Avoid mistakes

The technology minimizes human error across a wide range of activities.   Minimizing risks associated with mistakes that are inevitable in an inefficient processes builds in the resilience of your business and the confidence in your customers and other stakeholders.


Systematizing automation allows for deeper monitoring at every scale of a process. Businesses will often rely on various KPIs to asses of there progress, where measurement accuracy is key. Being able to accurately measure effectivity is priceless when testing out different products or different strategies.

Prepare for the future

If your business is organized in automated processes, then you will be able to focus on other things, more things. You will have predictability and more resources to grow. Take a look around and you'll notice how it's no longer "big fish eats little fish" but rather "fast fish eats slow fish".

One of the first steps to feeling the many benefits of automating manual processes is being prepared to make that business transforming leap of faith, based on sound research of your options. Getting staff commitment to accept change and learn new processes builds in the resilience of your business. It opens a virtuous circle of benefits.